1.1 Maebe, or Myoki


Testing, testing. Is this thing on? I’m just messing, it’s a note book! An actual, paper note book. And I don’t think anyone is ever going to read it, but I had to do something out here, so I started a diary.

Who am I then? My name is Myoki, but I was born Maebe Corona. I wanted to call myself Myoki Jewel Bright, but my friends said it was a bit too much. And then my guru pointed out that Myoki means Bright Vessel, and Bright Vessel Jewel Bright, well I can see how that’s a bit much. Besides, Corona means halo around the sun or moon, so I think it fits too.

My mum and dad still call me Maebe, I think that’s disrespectful. After all, this is a path I’ve chosen. My dad is a CEO of a major company and my mum is a scientist, they live in Twinbrook. Naturally, with their background they have a hard time understanding my spiritual side. Dad only values worldly success, and mum is very hands on.


They didn’t appreciate me spending all of my trust fund on a desert island in the Sim Pacific. It’s not a big island at all, all you can fit is a small house, and I don’t even have that. Besides, I’m no jetsetter, I’ve decided to live here permanently. It was my guru’s idea, in fact it was him who sold it to me. It’s really neat, it has solar panels and a water cleaning system and even a “guru box”, as I like to call the old computer. I connect via satellite, so it’s crazy expensive and I can’t do it more than once a month. All pages except the monastery chat room are blocked, so that’s why I call it the guru box!

Screenshot-1235I brought some seeds with me from Twinbrook, I was a gardener for a year after high school. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by no means, but I know the basics. My dad says I’m incredibly stupid to do this, but he underestimates me. My pantry is well stocked with rice, pasta and yams, and I can fish. I have sea water from a tap, so I can wash my dishes and take a bath. I even have an old record player! The solar panels come in really handy there. I sleep in a tent and use a pail closet, the only hassle is to empty it!

Screenshot-1239I’m living quite comfortably here, so that’s not the issue. I try to meditate and focus on my enlightenment, but frankly I feel terribly lonely already. My guru said I can take a trip to change my focus, and I must admit I’ve never been so happy. Naturally I wanted to go to Shang Simla, because it’s a spiritual center, but he said I hadn’t come far enough on my path to benefit from it. I was bummed, but I always wanted to see Champs les Sims as a teenager, so I went for it.


It wasn’t like I could leave straight away, though! A hydroplane would come and pick me up “in about a week”, I suppose they can’t be more specific when you live on a small atoll like me. So I practiced my crawling technique and got better at fishing. Boohoo, life on a deserted island is so terrible, right?


I have a boat, it’s filled with water right now, mainly because I’m lazy. Apparently during the rain season the small island gets absolutely drenched, so it’s a good thing I have my little hut! But I have to get the boat dry soon, because I need it to empty the, aherm, pail. It’s disgusting I know, but the ocean is large and whales poop in it too, right? I can’t believe I just wrote that in my diary! When my guru tells me to appreciate the Now, I’m not sure that was included.


At night it gets really dark, dark like nothing I’ve seen before. You can see a million stars, and sometimes the waters light up from plankton or something, it’s really beautiful!


Hi, it’s me again, I’m writing from a real bed *gasp* in Champs les Sims! Can you believe it? I guess you can’t, since you’re a piece of paper. Anyway, it’s lovely here, and there are so many different faces! They speak an accent of Simlish I can’t understand, though, so that’s a shame. But they kiss on both cheeks and they are all really friendly and try to understand me. The time flies so quickly and I want to make the most of it!


Hi again (I really must think of a new way to address this diary of mine), day 2 in Champs les Sims and I’m already leaving tomorrow night, it’s terrible. But live in the now, as my guru tells me, and so I met this gorgeous local guy called Gustave, and it’s so sweet how he says his name, like Gu-STAVV, and he smells so lovely, like lavender or something, maybe sweet wine.. I get all giddy when I’m around him! He’s a really talented photographer too. And wine maker!


He lives in a gorgeous, HUGE house with a room mate, I forgot her name, Madeleine perhaps? She was nice, but I think she has a crush on him, and somehow I felt like I had to move fast! Seize the day you know? Stupid since I’m leaving tomorrow, but I flirted like crazy! And I think he flirted back, too! Luckily he speaks my accent really well, unlike most people here, he’s kind of bookish.


Our flirting made his room mate really upset, but I wasn’t sure if she just felt left out or if she wanted him for herself. Anyway, we decided to go out on the town alone. Together alone, I mean, not alone like I am on the island. I really don’t want to go back just yet!


We went to the little town square, it was lovely, except for this guy who came up to us when we were sitting on a park bench, and just stood in front of us really close like he wanted to stare us down. Particularly Gustave.

Screenshot-1271I thought that was rude, I mean if you have something on your mind, just say it! When he left, Gustave told me that was his room mate’s brother, and he owns the nectary. Or rather, their family owns it. They expect him and her to get married and then Gustave will be a partner in the nectary. Sound really old-fashioned, like marrying a business?? But my parents are exactly the same, I suppose they would love it here.


And then, when he was looking really worried, I just kissed him!! I couldn’t help myself, he looked so sad. Damn was he a fine kisser too! I can’t just leave him here, I can’t.


I wonder if the path to enlightenment includes love? I know for sure being alone doesn’t make me any more enlightened. Being with Gustave sends all kinds of tingling enlightenment through my limbs. I’m sure my guru wouldn’t call it that, though. I guess I have a long way to go.


And here’s the best part. Do you know what he said to me? “Where have you been all my life?”, in the CUTEST accent. I guess it’s alright for guys in Champs les Sims to say things like that, I mean what a cliche, but right then it felt like he really meant it. And it felt totally natural! And then we kissed some more! Iiiih!


I wanted to take him out to dinner, but he said he was really tired, although it was not even nine o’clock, and I thought people here had dinner late? His energy levels seem kind of low in general, he likes to sit down a lot. Not that I mind sitting down with him! Actually I wouldn’t mind being horizontal with him either, ho-hum. Eh, ignore me! Being a hermit does things to a girl’s mind. I had some bouillabaisse all on my lonesome (I can spell that now!) Basically it’s fish stew, so maybe not the best choice for someone who eats fish everyday, but I didn’t know that! I’ll have to learn the recipe though, it was really good!

Screenshot-1280Last day here! I have some really exciting news for you, my paper friend, but I’ll take it from the beginning. Ok, don’t judge, but I haven’t exactly played hard to get since I got here. Well, today Gustave suggested we’d do it in the tent they have in the general store! Thank Watcher I’m not a virgin, I actually have some – very little, but some – experience from Twinbrook, before I met my guru and entered the monastery. I mean, I don’t think there’s actually a rule against sex in my beliefs, but you’re supposed to focus on other things. Like, otherworldly things. Aaaanyway. The shop keeper was out to lunch, and during that hour we did it twice!!

Screenshot-1282It was amazing! Not that I have much to compare it with, I mean my few attempts haven’t been very successful so far, but he really knew what to do in there! I blush just thinking about it, we did things I really don’t want to put on paper. Or secretly I think I do, and it felt really spiritual, like I was floating! And I think I made a lot of noise too, oups.


Apparently that didn’t phase Gustave at all, on the contrary he seemed really pleased with himself! So I guess that’s a good thing then, to make lots of noise. I’ll keep that in mind! Why would I want to keep that in mind, living on a desert island like I do? You’ll see!


We went back to my camp, had a much needed shower and some jam sandwiches, and man those sandwiches were DELICIOUS! I mean, wow, they can really make bread and jam here! Or maybe I was just inexplicably hungry. Then Gustave wanted to take me to a really beautiful place that he knew of.


It was an old burial mound with the most amazing view over the whole valley, and I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was so romantic! We just stood there and kissed in the setting sun, and I thought my heart would break, knowing I had to leave him.

Screenshot-1288So can you guess what I did? No? I proposed! You know me, I’m nuts. Or actually you don’t know me, because you’re a piece of paper. I thought I was going to die, my heart was beating so fast, and I had made a silly little ring out of grass while were were sitting there chatting. And I put it on his ring finger, because he said YES!!!! OMG!!!

Screenshot-1290And then we agreed that we didn’t need a wedding ceremony, since it was already the perfect moment at the perfect place, at the perfect time in our lives. Our lives together from now on! In sickness and in health, until death do us part. I’m crying as I write this, I just think it’s so SPIRITUAL!


Dear ratty notebook! As I write this, my husband Gustave Corona and I consummated our marriage in my, I mean our little tent. I think Gustave was a bit taken aback when we first arrived, he probably thought it was going to be a bit bigger! But he brought a nectar press with him, so he’ll have something to do here. I thought his family would give it to him, but they were so angry that he got married to a foreigner that we had to buy it ourselves! So that dug a nice little hole in my budget, but he’s worth it! And after all, he gave up a really promising career as a wine maker to come and live with me, so it’s only fair.

I thought I should mention that we didn’t use protection, because what the hell, right? And actually I never thought I’d need any out here, so I forgot to bring them! And apparently Gustave did too. So, we’ll see!

Signing off, Myoki